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iWeb High-End Hosting

iWeb is a web hosting services provider that started from small beginners in 1996, being one of the first internet infrastructure providers in Canada. iWeb currently services customers in over 150 countries across the world. Specializing in high end hardware and cloud computing, iWeb is a provider suited to users with hefty demands.

Great Latency from Any Location Around the Globe

iWeb data-centers are located in Montreal, Dallas, Singapore, Amsterdam, California and the New York Metro, and are powered by 98% renewable energy. One can expect an extremely low latency between your own connection and their servers, no matter where you are located across the globe.

iWeb Features:

• Excellent Servers • Excellent Uptime • Excellent High-End Server Pricing • A Full Range of Dedicated Services • Highly Customizable Configurations


• Pricing out of reach for most users • No Shared Hosting

Amazing Dedicated Server Hosting

iWeb give customers a range of Dedicated servers, server clusters, virtualized instances, Windows servers, and even colocation services. Dedicated servers are a major feature at iWeb, starting with single processor dedicated servers for $79 monthly. One is afforded the choice of a single core server with a processor ranging from 2.4 to 3.5GHZ, up to 64 GB if RAM, up to 4TB storage (with optional SSD support) and 12T of data transfer.

Dual core and storage servers are also supplied at a higher price. The most powerful package in place from iWeb is the “Performance” server at a monthly cost starting at $334. You are given the choice of a Dual Intel Xeon processor between 2.3Ghz and 3.5Ghz, with up to 24 cores, up to 256GB of RAM and up to 960GB of SSD based storage space. This mammoth package is truly for high end users, but comes with a bandwidth limit of 30TB of traffic.

Cloud Hosting of the Best Quality

iWeb Cloud gives users great cloud-based performance with scalable servers. Cloud computing is charged at a fixed rate per hour, dependent on your configuration. Both Windows and Linux based cloud hosting is offered with prices starting at $0.06 per hour. The most basic cloud hosting that is provided consists of one vCPU and 1GB of RAM, with a 50GB SSD drive’s worth of storage space.

The most expensive package that iWeb provides is a 8GB RAM, 8vCPU configuration with 250GB of SSD based storage space, charged at $0.37 per hour. The cheapest that these cloud servers work out to monthly, if used straight-out all month, is $43.80, with the top end package before-mentioned working out to a total of $270.10 per month. iWeb has cloud solutions to match any budget, and give great speed and support along with all packages.

Servers that Deliver for Demanding Users

If you have the need for dedicated services of a high end nature, then you will be well advised to check out what iWeb has to offer. The value of their top-end hardware far exceeds the fees that are charged. Managed servers are also available, as are firewall services and many other advanced networking features. iWeb is a top choice for the demanding customer.

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