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NoktaDomains - Domain Leasing & Registration

NoktaDomains is both a domain name registrar and a provider of leased domains. From establishment in 2002, NoktaDomains have done business with millions of individuals and businesses.

Short Term Commitment

The leasing of domains is not a practice that is anywhere near as prominent as shared or dedicated website hosting. NoktaDomains. Their leased domains allow you to jump in and out of domains as you wish, given the option to purchase during any time.

Buy at Any Point during Leasing

Premium, bargain, popular and domains pertaining top rated keywords are all available from NoktaDomains, both purchasable and leasable. There is not that much difference between NoktaDomains pricing and that of other registrars and there is no sign of frequent discounts being available. Their pricing is on par with industry standards, but there is no apparent particular benefit to be found amongst their packages, other than being able to lease a domain from a fixed set for an indeterminate period of time.

Domain Valuation

Domain valuation is also given by NoktaDomains. Five free domain valuations are provided without registration, after that you will need to be a member. The valuation packages are priced as follows: • 25 Credits- $12 / month • 50 Credits- $20 / month • 100 Credits - $25 / month • 200 Credits - $30 / month The exact nature of domain valuation is fairly hazy, although when looking at their detailed classification of available domains it is to be expected that the valuation service should bring comprehensive reports.

Indefinite Results & Limited Services

NoktaDomains has had quite a bit of negative commentary over past years, however in interviews with the public it has been said that staff are eager to explain any factor concerning any part of their domain leasing or other services. The ownership of this registrar seems adamant to declare that domain leasing is a practice that brings affordability and versatility, and also goes on to state that there is no risk of shady practice, perpetrating only transparent business dealings at all times. For those that are looking specifically for a domain leasing company they may be worth a try, but for all other hosting needs companies that are more clear on their services, better on their prices and more generous with bonuses and discounts, are easy to be found.

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